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OSCAR at The Crown
Presented by The Neon Coven
Created by Mark Mauriello
Music & Choreography by Andrew Barret Cox
Directed by Shira Milikowsky
Sequins, reality television, and the complete works of Oscar Wilde: not much else survives in a secret bunker far in the fascist future. OSCAR at The Crown is an immersive nightclub musical detailing the rise and fall of one of history's most flamboyant characters. AND it’s about The Real Housewives and a minor character from that show The O.C. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And yes, it’s ALSO about us: staring at our phones, wondering if our latest Instagram is going to flop and if the bombs have started flying yet. See you on the dance floor! Wear something cool!
April 2015 Workshop @ A.R.T.'s OBERON
December 2017 Workshop @ Lot45, Bushwick
Now Playing at 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn!
Zofia Weretka as Vicki
Michelle Martinelli as Ramona
Brandon Looney as Sonja
Jada Temple as Erika
Kerri George as Constance
Mark Mauriello as Oscar Wilde
David Merino as Bosie
Kayla Brock, Samara Cohen (Princess Lockerooo), Brendan Henderson, Kimberly Hudman, Sarah Lewandowski, Bessie D. Smith, and Deon Shotwell as The Exiles





Julie Cooper:
Genesis Prayer


Beginning with the leap from The OC to The Real Housewives of Orange County, Julie Cooper: Genesis Prayer explores persona, pop archetype, and icon worship in contemporary media, as well as our own lives. A meditation on the destroyed distinction between reality and fantasy, this original theater work takes the audience on a journey through the darker, and perhaps most beautiful side of our popular culture.


Featuring: Page Axelson, Juliette Cremel, Madison Dildine, Olivia Miller, Valeriya Tsitron, and Veronica Wickline.



Art Hero Series


#1: "Henri Cinq Chic"
2013. Video: 3:54.


​​#2: "Get Happy"
2013. Video Installation/Performance.


​​#3: "Rosalind Meyer"
2013. Performance/Sculpture.


This work was created for a course entitled "Music, Melodrama, and Performance Art," taught by video/performance artist Kalup Linzy.

"Searching For Partner" 

2012. Video: 38:05. Online Performance. Journal Entries.


An investigation into the problematic concept of the gay teen martyr using ChatRoulette, inspired by Eva & Franco Mattes' "No Fun" (2010), as well as the works of Agusto Boal, Bas Jan Ader, Laurel Nakadate, & Lady Gaga, and the lives of Jonah Mowry, Amanda Todd, Jamey Rodemeyer, and many others.


This work emerged initially out of a final project for a seminar with Carrie Lambert-Beatty on works of parafiction.



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